Hardest Working Player Program

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The Hardest Working Player program is designed to encourage, support and reward minor hockey players for their hard work, dependability, enthusiasm and to highlight effort and improvement over the season. The players who will earn the award are not always the kids that scored the most goals. We want kids to know that there is value in belonging to a team and in attributes such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

Players who are awarded the Hardest Working Player Award will receive the following:

1) Hardest Working Player Hard Hat – player can proudly wear this hat and display it to teammates and friends in recognition of his/her contribution to the team.

2) Certificate of Merit – this is signed by Head Coach Chris Byrne and includes a place for the coach or manager to write in the name of the player.

3) Coupon from First Choice Haircutters -

4) Once a team fills out the registration form, player’s names will be included in a full-page advertisement in the Ottawa Citizen (date to be determined) recognizing the Hardest Working Player recipients for the 2012-2013 hockey season. After registering, please wait to recieve an email with details on picking up your kit.
Here’s how a Successful Hardest Working Player Program Works:

1) Take a moment with your co-coaches and manager to identify what qualities in your players that you want to motivate or improve (these do not have to be skill related and can be very specific to each player). After each game or practice, choose a player who will receive the award. The goal is to have every player on the team receive the reward.

2)  Award the hard hat to the chosen player. The player will have possession of the team hard hat until the next game (or practice) to proudly display to family and friends. You can have each recipient sign the hat. At the end of the season, you can decide who will receive the hat to keep. This could become a team gift to the coach or manager or they could do a draw of all the player’s names for one player to keep.

3) Have fun with the program. Questions regarding the program should be directed to Adam Garonce at 613-232-6767 x 8404 or agaronce@oseg.ca 

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