Front Office

  Roger Greenberg Owner
  Jeff Hunt Owner, President, Sports Operations
  John Pugh Owner, President, Ottawa Fury
  John Ruddy Owner
  Bill Shenkman Owner
  Bernie Ashe Chief Executive Officer, OSEG
  Mark Goudie  Chief Operating Officer & CFO, OSEG
  Mike Cerha VP, Venues & Entertainment
  Adrian Sciarra  VP, Partnerships & Merchandise Sales
  John Mathers VP, Ticket Sales & Services
  Randy Burgess VP, Communications & Fan Experience
  Valerie Hughes Director, Events
  Lynn Taylor  Executive Assistant
  Melanie Ireton Director of Soccer Operations
  Graeme Ivory Media and Communications Director
  Carrie McKay Executive Assistant/Academy Administrator
 OTTAWA 67's   
  Jeff Brown General Manager/Head Coach
  Chris Hamilton Head Equipment Manager 
  Brian Kilrea Senior Advisor, Hockey Operations
  Bert O'Brien Advisor, Hockey Operations
  Robert Mahlitz Hockey Operations Associate
  Marcel Desjardins General Manager
  Brock Sunderland Assistant General Manager
  Joey Swarbrick Assistant, Football Operations
  Eric Childers Ticket Operations Manager
  Mark Gamble Manager, Ticket Sales & Service
  Allison Barnes Assistant Box Office Manager
  Kelly McNally Administrative Assistant
  Steve Irving Team Leader, New Business
  Faran Mirza Sr. Team Leader, Group Experience
  Chloe Saint-Denis Marketing Coordinator
  Mat Smith Digital Marketing Coordinator
  Matt Jackowetz CRM Marketing Coordinator
  Rick Hobbs Marketing Analytics Specialist
  Will Renaud Web Content Specialist
  Mark Sluban  Community Events Specialist
  Matthew Lypko Sales Data Analyst
  Dante Cacciato Fan Services Specialist
  Cobina Delaney Fan Services Specialist
  Michael Weese Fan Services Specialist
  Tanya Wolfgram Fan Services Specialist
  Luke Denley Group Experience Specialist
  Brian Keefe Group Experience Specialist
  Michael Sutcliffe Group Experience Specialist
  John Walsh Group Experience Specialist
  Damian Ford New Business Specialist
  Jean-René Gorley New Business Specialist
  Jake Sheridan New Business Specialist
  Matthew Bennett Director, Partnerships and Special Events
  Chloe Pugh Director, Corporate Partnerships
  Calvin Amell Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  Nicole Hilstob Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  Erin O`Connell Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  Amanda Ruddy Account Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
  Sharena Campo Account Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
  Jessie Schenk Business Development Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
  Barre Campbell Media Relations Manager
  Kristen Johnston Game Day & Event Operations Manager
  Mike Sutherland Communications Service Manager
  Sharena Campo Coordinator, Media & Game Day Operation
  Paul Prose Game Day Producer
  Neil Liddiard Graphics and Video Conent Creator
llDerek Robinson Video Systems Coordinator
  Chris Wynn Director, Operations
  Anne-Marie Villeneuve Director, Event Services
  Valerie Hughes Director, Events
  Greg Giek Manager, Operations
  Brian Giles Manager, Facilities
  Chris Weir Property Manager
  Erin Coyle Booking & Event Marketing Manager
  Hassan Madhoun Transportation Demand Manager
  Loyal Hughes Playing Surfaces Manager
  Oana Boboiciov Booking & Calendar Coordinator
  Bianca Molnar Scheduling & Training Coordinator
  Jonathan Lus Event Services Coordinator
  Adam Mowrey Guest Relations Coordinator
  Patricia Tippett Events and Operations Coordinator
  Glen Girard Event Conversion Supervisor
  Jiaxi Wei Administrative Assistant
  Travis Skelding Event Conversion Specialist
  Trevor Chyzyi-Vince Electrician
  Murray Mills Plumber
  Darryl Brown Plumber
  Gary Gogan HVAC Operator
  Brian Sloan HVAC Operator
  Kyle Smiley Facilities Maintenance Technician
  Randy Robertson Facilities Maintenance Technician
  Matthew Smith Manager, Finance
  Devan Pennell Controller
  Ravshan Yakubov Senior Financial Accountant
  Mitch Fournier Finance Clerk
  Regine Gowdy Finance Clerk
  Tracey Villeneuve Payroll Specialist
  Kellie Howe Director, Human Resources
  Torie Billings Senior Human Resources Recruiter
  Katherine Lapalme Human Resources Coordinator
  Stephanie Spructon Legal Council
  Peter Chamberlain Director, IT
  Brian Wilmott IT Manager
  Chris Leonard IT Support Technician
  Brent Epps A-V Tech